Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Good Deed?

I just wanted to pop by the aquarium shop to get a plastic connector for my overhead filter, cos my old one was cracking and I certainly did not want to take the risk getting a wet floor the next day.

I saw some bettas bagged in a bag floating in a tank, with other bags of feeders together. It was the only bag containing bettas... On closer look, I saw that they were very colourful, and should be mostly females, despite most of them having slightly torn fins and they could be stunted runts.

Could not bear to see them eaten up, so I bought them... I know I won't be able to save all the bettas from being used as feeders, but well.. just based on instincts at the moment, I felt that I should get them.

Opened up the bag, when I got home, placed them in a little housing tank.. before I release them into my simple planted tank, which I will be revamping soon. Actually, they are pretty colourful, don't you think so?


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