Saturday, June 6, 2009

Your eyes arent playing tricks on you!!!

Click the pic:

and you will see that there are actually clown fishes (marine fishes) and gold fishes (freshwater fishes) in the same tank.. swimming under the same water conditions!! (thanks to Arofanatics forummer, Octane, for use of the pic)

This was show cased during the Aquarama 2009 and is marketed under the branding of "Magic Water" by GEX, a company based in Singapore!

Apparently, the company claims that is possible to raise both freshwater and marine fishes in the same tank, citing examples that millions of years ago, there was no such thing as freshwater and marine fishes.. all fishes swam in the same conditions!

Personally, I feel that such technology is totally uncalled for... we already have enough hobbyists mixing fishes from different habitats that requires different conditions in terms of pH, temperature, etc... will we need another product that allows us to keep both marine and freshwater fishes in the same tank? Another excuse for us to play God?


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