Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shocking news on Stomp about the plight of fishes caught my eyes today:
Earlier today (Dec 13), STOMPer ilovetokick arrived at work to see the pond outside his office building drained, leaving some fish dead and others gasping for breath. He contacted the SPCA, and 6 fishes, as well as 4 terrapins, were rescued.

Said the STOMPer:
"I arrived at work this morning and was shocked to see the pond outside the building drained of water.

"The fish were mostly dead but there were a few plecos (commonly called sucker fish) barely breathing, as well as a few terrapins stranded in the dried pond.

"I immediately told the security guard and called SPCA, which sent an inspector within half an hour.

"We managed to net the live plecos and terrapins into two tanks.
"The security guard informed us that the pond is owned by an advertising company that had just shifted to a new office and abandoned the pond, though it was still full last night. I am not sure who drained it.
"Great work, SPCA, for your swift response."

Sigh... aquatic life always seem to be more susceptible to animal cruelty.


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