Sunday, July 12, 2009

Planting Sunday


I spent nearly the whole Sunday preparing the planting of my wild cryptos in a pot today...

This post will therefore be a little more picture intensive..

Here are some of the items you will need:

A pot, of course, get one without holes, since crypto will prefer a little water logged environment.

Next, I used some dried sphagnum moss, since these are pretty good at holding water:

How the moss looks like when dry, and after hydration:

Next added some peat moss to the hydrated sphagnum moss, as it supposedly aids in lowering the pH:

After which, I added a thin layer of activated carbon and charcoal, which supposedly aids adsorption of any toxic stuff:

Next, a layer of lightweight expanded clay aggregate was added, this helps to provide some aeration to the roots area, and also aids in the transport of water from the sphagnum moss area to the soil level at the top:

Final layer, I used a different brand of planting soil mix today, as the usual aquarium shop that I frequent is closed on Sundays, and the neighbouring shop does not stock that brand:

Upon completion, its time to take out the cryptos from their packaging, noticed that some of them have broken leaves, bitten worm hole leaves... signs of really wild cryptos?

The completed pot of wild cryptos... note that there is water filled in the pot.. that the top soil still feels wet, but no dead spots of water, as I do not want to encourage the breeding of mosquitoes!

Hope they will flourish well.. placing them in area with lesser winds and indirect sunlight!


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