Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wild Crypto Natuna Sp. 5

Before I start writing about the new wild crypto I got, would just like to do some sharing on how convenient it is to have a photo in my handphone.

You see some time back I bought some containers from Daiso at IMM, and yesterday, while I was at their Plaza Singapura branch, I was looking high and low for the same model of plastic container so that I could have a stackable design for my bottled garden.

Nearly gave up the search, until I remembered that I have a photo of the container in my handphone! Thank god, the staff there was so friendly and she brought me to the shelf where the containers were placed: right at the bottom of the shelf!

The new containers:

Ok.. here's the new wild crypto I got today, it is labelled as Crypto Natuna Sp. 5 :

When I removed the wool from the little black container, I realised that it was just a cutting without any roots at all! So let's just hope it will grow well emersed in a bottle!


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